Church schools are faith schools. Pretending otherwise is dishonest

The Church of England’s pretence that ‘its’ schools aren’t faith schools is a dishonest attempt to avoid association with the unpopularity of faith-based schooling, and at odds with their actual policy, argues Alastair Lichten.

When the term ‘faith school’ first came into use (and for a while afterwards) it was fiercely resisted by many in the secularist movement who viewed it as euphemistic and would prefer terms like ‘denominational school’, ‘religious school’ or ‘Christian school’ which would certainly be less popular with the general public. Secularists lost that argument, for the simple reason that the public generally understand what is meant by the term ‘faith school’.

The ‘NSS articles’ category contains links to my opinion pieces, written while a campaigns officer or head of education for the National Secular Society, before June 2022. You can read the full original of this article here >>>

Photo credit: Blog Letters on Brown Wood – Pixabay

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