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What is this blog about?

Atheism: The lack of belief in gods.

Humanism: A philosophy which holds that human reason and empathy, rather than supernatural concerns should lead our approach to life. This blog’s author follows an atheistic humanism, though there are many other types. Many people manifest their humanism through a religious tradition.

Secularism: A political philosophy which challenges religious privilege and promotes both freedom of and from religion. There are many approaches to secularism and this blog is situated very much within the liberal tradition.

Plus: Philosophies and worldviews closely related to those above, including scientific scepticism, freethought and rationalism.

What does this blog aim to do?

Represent: progressive members of the AHS+ community.

Inform: readers about news, campaigns and other issues relevant to AHS+.

Promote: AHS+ values such as freethought, reason and compassion.

Challenge: abuses of human rights and other harms caused by dogmatism, bigotry or religious privilege.

The views expressed in this blog and associated social media are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of any current or former employers of the author.

How can I get involved?

If you value the content on this AHS+ blog and are able to financially support it, that would be great. Just a couple of pounds a month would help with hosting and other costs, and one day help expand our operations, bring in new contributors, podcasting etc.

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to help share the blog, and help pass it along to anyone who may be interested. Please feel free to get in touch with feedback or ideas for future articles.

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