AHS+ Daily (13 May 2021)

Welcome to your AHS+ Daily briefing on news, views and issues related to atheism, humanism and secularism in the UK and internationally. Every weekday we highlight ten articles, news stories or other pieces of content we hope you’ll find interesting.

#01. ScathingAtheist 430: Jenner-al Election Edition

It’s Thursday! Which means it’s time for the best written, funniest atheist podcast in my library.

#02. Hindu sect fined for slave labour in New Jersey

The BAPS sect used forced labour to build the largest Hindu temple in the United States. The story raises issues of caste discrimination and links with far-right Hindu Nationalism.

#03. Uyghur imams targeted in China’s Xinjiang crackdown

The Uyghur Human Rights Project have claimed 630 imams and other Muslim religious figures have been detained in China’s crackdown in the Xinjiang region.

#04. Jordan Peterson is wrong: medical error is absolutely not the ‘third leading cause of death’

It is baffling why Peterson is popular in certain parts of the atheist and skeptic community. People like Peterson bring the sort of pseudoscience and magical thinking into a groups founded on rejecting it, by dressing it up in intellectual contrarianism.

#05. Practicing the withdrawal method?

The National Secular Society report on an independent faith school where every pupil has been withdrawn from sex education, seemingly encouraged by the school’s own policy. How can this possibly mean the school “have fulfilled their statutory responsibilities regarding the teaching of relationships, health and sex education”?

#06. Living in faith and love

While it is good to see progressive religious people try to support LGBT rights, until they are willing to honestly face up to religion’s role in and theological roots of homophobia and transphobia, then they risk simply pink washing those institutions.

#07. Latest religious freedom report from the US state department acknowledges non-believers

#08. Debate continues over German Bishops blessing same-sex marriages despite Vatican opposition

Being less bigoted than Pope Francis and the Catholic Church is an extremely low bar.

#09. Bill to allow creationism to be taught in Arkansas fails narrowly

10. Keep on top of secularist issues with the National Secular Society’s daily collection of news and commentary from across the media.

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