Faith school advocates place inculcation above education

As a faith school is celebrated for unapologetically pushing its evangelical ethos, Alastair Lichten says the expansion of faith schools has played into the hands of those who wish to impose their faith on children.

A Christian faith school is “not where everyone was ‘nice to each other’, but one that will preach and proclaim the Bible”. That’s according to a recent ‘Editors’ Pick’ article from Keep the Faith magazine about Fulham Boys’ School, a faith based free school in London, and its leaders’ ambition for more state education to promote Christianity.

The ‘NSS articles’ category contains links to my opinion pieces, written while a campaigns officer or head of education for the National Secular Society, before June 2022. You can read the full original of this article here >>>

Photo credit: Blog Blocks Wallpaper – Miguel Á. Padriñán

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