There’s no hypocrisy in being forced into a ‘choice’ you don’t like

As the pro-faith schools lobby rounds on campaigner Alice Roberts, Alastair Lichten says her situation is proof of the need for a secular education system.

That faith schools improve choice is one of the biggest myths regularly trotted out by the pro-faith schools’ lobby. This week it emerged that like many people opposed to faith schools, the BBC presenter and academic Professor Alice Roberts has little choice but to send her children to a C of E faith school. Professor Roberts is about to become president of Humanists UK and is an outspoken critic of faith schools.

The ‘NSS articles’ category contains links to my opinion pieces, written while a campaigns officer or head of education for the National Secular Society, before June 2022. You can read the full original of this article here >>>

Photo credit: Blog Letters on Brown Wood – Pixabay

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