Book review: ‘Christian Nation’ by Frederic C. Rich

Alastair Lichten explores the themes of identity, resilience and redemption in Frederic C. Rich’s counterfactual dystopian novel and its defence of secular democracy.

Rich’s debut novel depicts America’s evolution into a theocratic state following the political and economic turmoil of a McCain-Palin administration. In a counterfactual 2009 Sarah Palin ascends to the presidency following the unexpected heart attack of the United States’ 44th president. Rich plots an all too believable16 year alternative history from bitter division to Dominionist insurgency, from succession to civil war, and from theocratic victory to an uncertain future.

The ‘NSS articles’ category contains links to my opinion pieces, written while a campaigns officer or head of education for the National Secular Society, before June 2022. You can read the full original of this article here >>>

Photo credit: Blog Letters on Brown Wood – Pixabay

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