Social and political news, views and issues related to atheism, humanism and secularism from the UK and beyond.

Latest articles from the AHS+ Blog

Activism matters: Heidi Nicholl, Humanists Australia

Interview with Heidi Nicholl, CEO of Humanists Australia, about routes into leadership, the day to day and challenges of leading a newish organisation. Activism matters meets activists and leaders in a variety of atheist, humanist, and secularist spaces.

Community matters: Four exercises to define your group

There are a lot of groups operating in the atheist, humanist, secularist space, but a lot of the community is underserved. These simple exercises can help you decide what sort of group to start or refresh.

How should faith groups engage with the post-religious majority?

We can debate different measurements of the breadth or depth of Britain’s emerging nonreligious majority. But by failing to engage with this shift, faith communities and civil society could lose their chance to influence our post religious future.

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