Social and political news, views and issues related to atheism, humanism and secularism from the UK and beyond.

Latest articles from the AHS+ Blog

Activism matters: Nathan Alexander and Todd Tavares

Activism matters is a series where we meet activists and leaders working in a variety of atheist, humanist, and secularist spaces. This week I spoke with Nathan Alexander and Todd Tavares, hosts of the Beyond Atheism podcast.

Community matters: How many AHS+ groups do we need?

A new series explores the challenges and opportunities facing atheist, humanist, secularist, and similar communities in a post-pandemic world. The series includes practical advice and strategic analysis, starting with asking, how many AHS+ groups do we need?

It’s all ‘real religion’

Selectively labelling particular positive or negative manifestations of religion as ‘real’, however well intentioned, undermines pluralism, privileges particular unevidenced beliefs and bolsters both religious supremacism and anti-religious bigotry.

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